Podcast Recommendations

Tim Ferriss Show, Serial, How I Built This, Invisibilia, 99% Invisible, Twice Removed Tim Ferriss Show – long interviews about daily habits and tips from variety of guests Invisibilia – about hidden forces that rule our lives, fascinating episodes on blind guy that echolocates and people who feel others’ emotions more than others, amongst other … More Podcast Recommendations

Facebook Live to You Tube – Short Instructions

There are a number of websites and videos that explain the somewhat laborious process of transferring a Facebook Live video to YouTube, but all the ones I’ve seen require scrolling through multiple web pages or listening to a 3-4 minute YouTube video.  So I’ve distilled the steps down to a simple list: Go to Facebook … More Facebook Live to You Tube – Short Instructions

Kosher Salt to Go

You love kosher salt. Take it to go. Kosher Salt to Go is a portable package of kosher salt. It’s a disposable salt cellar. It’s a disposable salt crock. It’s a disposable salt pig. Kosher Salt to Go can also be used in your home kitchen as inexpensive salt well. Visit Kosher Salt to Go

Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are underrated.  I use them to create special interest lists for each job I’m in and sometimes even for different projects on the job.  I idly browse them while taking a short break or while eating lunch at my desk.  I love the way I can passively keep up to date and go … More Twitter Lists