The Tim Ferriss Show Twitter List

I LOVE the Tim Ferriss Show podcast.  Love, love, love it.  I’ve listened to every episode and have learned so much.  I also love Twitter lists. (here’s why & some of my other lists).  I searched for a Twitter list of Tim Ferriss Show guests and only found abandoned efforts like this one.  So I created a Twitter list of all guests who have appeared on the Tim Ferris Show podcast as of today.  I’ll keep adding to it and resist the urge to take out Glenn Beck.

I only included guests on the list if they have their own personal Twitter account.  I didn’t include their corporate Twitter account or the Twitter account of their podcast/book/non-profit.

These guests are not in this list because they didn’t have a personal Twitter account:

Yes, Tim Ferriss himself is included.  I included the interviewer, co-host, or fellow guest on those experimental episodes where Tim deviates from the usual format.

Please let me know of anyone I missed.  I will add to this over time as Tim brings on new guests.

If you want to tweak the list to add or subtract, you can use this nifty tool to copy my list to your own Twitter account.  It will be a one time copy and you won’t get the new updates that I do.





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