Podcast Recommendations

Tim Ferriss Show, Serial, How I Built This, Invisibilia, 99% Invisible, Twice Removed

  • Tim Ferriss Show – long interviews about daily habits and tips from variety of guests
  • Invisibilia – about hidden forces that rule our lives, fascinating episodes on blind guy that echolocates and people who feel others’ emotions more than others, amongst other fascinating topics
  • Serial – even season 2 – suspenseful, engaging.  First season about a high school murder in Baltimore, Second season about Bowe Berghdahl and his alleged desertion in Afghanistan and his captivity by Taliban
  • How I Built This – from NPR – interviews business owners about how they started their business
  • 99% Invisible – by a design firm, about impact of design on modern life.  Favorite episodes were about the bus station in Tel Aviv and the woman who was the model for stone statutes on many NY buildings who died in poverty.
  • Twice Removed – interviews someone and finds the fascinating nuggets in their family tree then introduces them to a mystery relative at the end of the show.

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